Artisjet ProV6

Artis Pro V6 UV LED

The new artis pro V6 UV printer is a compact machine developed for use in shops and shopping centres. It is ideal for the personalization of cosmetic accessories, fashion and design items, gifts, prizes, cases for (sun) glasses, school accessories, phone covers, power banks, chargers, or 3D printed PVC business cards and similar products.  The printer can print directly on-site while the clients wait, with pictures in photo quality. In this way, all types of products are personalized and immediately have a completely different value in the eyes of consumers. In addition, the machine is an eye-catcher for a sales outlet due to its new technology and attractive design. Furthermore customers will have more reasons to show your brand’s products to other people, both through social networks and directly to people nearby.


 Information and pricing



Quality combined with speed

Easy maintenance

Internal air filter

White ink is also used to print directly in colour on a dark background (not for transparent objects)

Automatic height adjustment
Flash-on-Ink LED system

Low operating and maintenance costs


It is suitable for digital printing on aluminium, metal, copper, wood, MDF, cardboard, plastic, plexiglass, leather, PTU, glass and many other materials directly in colour and white.
A personalized app can be developed that allows photos to be downloaded and printed directly from consumers’ phones into the device’s software.
Optimize your productivity!



Artisjet ProV6
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