Artis 3000U Pro 8C


  • Customization of all types of advertising claims, posters, photo gifts, USB key, covers, etc.
  • Direct printing on a wide variety of materials, rigid and flexible
  • 8 ink channels WWWW+CMYK / VV+WW+CMYK
  • Printing area 34,7 x 49cm
  • Maximum height of the object to print: 17 cm
  • Possibility to print cylindrical objects from 3 to 13 cm. diameter
  • Automatic adjustment of the height of the table


  • Comfortable use thanks to its unique lateral loading architecture
  • Reduce operating costs with the continuous ink supply system
  • High definition printing on plastics thanks to its antistatic module
  • Flash ink system that extends the life of the head
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Secure operation with automatic height adjustment system
  • Liquid cooling
  • Adjust the power of the UV LED to adapt to different materials
  • High speed feather for better color transition 




The Artis 3000U Pro 8C printer is equipped with an 8-channel head that allows you to work with different combinations: color + 4 white or color + white + varnish. You can print on almost any material with the use of water-resistant, scratch and sun-resistant white inks. This UV printer is ideal for the production of personalized gifts, advertising, laptop cases, usb, powerbanks, pens, lighters, signs, paintings and in general all kinds of promotional items.

The Artis 3000U Pro 8C incorporates an 8-channel Epson DX7 head, offering exceptional photographic quality at a very affordable price. The print quality can be complemented by the possibility of finishing your products with a layer of gloss varnish.

Video of the artis 5000 with the same printhead and functionality as the Young and 3000 Pro

It can print on a wide variety of materials: wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, leather …

The maximum print dimensions are 347 x 490 mm and supports objects up to 170mm high. Thanks to its open frame on both sides, it is possible to insert much longer objects into the machine.

A rotating accessory is available for 360 ° printing of cylindrical objects from 3 to 13 cm. diameter.

The cost per print is in most cases half that of other brands, because it uses ink in bottles rather than cartridges.

The machines include RIP printing software that allows you to manage printouts and color profiles. Plus, we have an advanced RIP that works with the highest resolution and allows you to print pure white and color at one time.

ArtisJet has its own technical service and we offer answers and solutions quickly and efficiently. We are specialized in SMEs and provide a direct and personalized service that allows our customers to work with confidence and peace of mind.

Due to its low price, low ink consumption and minimal maintenance, the 3000U Pro 8C is best suited for small and medium businesses.

UV Selected Trigger System

  • The Artis 3000U Pro printer works with the ArtisJet FOIF system and electronically activates the UV LED only when firing ink. As a result, the life of the LEDs and the print head is maximized.
UV Control System

  • Designed for greater flexibility and simplicity, ArtisJet COD digitally controls operation of the UV LED system. It adapts to different materials and work environments.
Automated Print Height Adjustment

  • Equipped with sensors for automatic adjustment of the height of the print head and reduction of print head strikes.
Liquid cooling control system

  • The ArtisJet cooling control system is based on an industrial cooling system in order to avoid the wear of the UV lamp and the print head.
Bottled Ink System

  • Unlike ink cartridges, this system enables the use of 100% of the ink, making it much more economical.
Single Side Loading Platform Design
Unique design that ensures better visibility of the output. Ideal for workplaces with limited space.
Artis 3000U Pro 8C


Print speed A4 2880 x 1440 dpi:
Unidirection – 460 seconds
Bidirection – 245 seconds
Printing technology UV LED
Ink  artisink DTS3 (C,M,Y,K,W), LC, LM, V available
Media Application Mobile devices covers and cases, personalized giveways, promotional items (pens, USB sticks, name tags, accessories), trophies, PVC card printing, wood printing, industrial labels and packaging
Table Size B3, 380 x 670 mm
Printing Size 347 x 490 mm
Thickness Up to 170 mm (3.54 in)
Printing Printing modes 4 pass
8 pass
16 pass
Print Resolution Up to 720 x 2880 dpi
Print Head Epson DX7 piezo electric printhead

UV printers are designed to print white and color on all types of materials. To obtain Pantone colors, color tests must be performed to get closer to the desired color.

Artis 3000U Pro 8C


Connectivity Nozzles Variable dot size printing technology, starting from1.5 pl and up to 21pl
Ports USB 2.0
Operating systems Windows
Dimensions Depth x Width x Height Printer 940 x 840 x 540 mm,
Shipping 1040 x 1040 x 720 mm
Weight Printer 120Kg, Shipping 146 Kg
Flatbed transmission Servo motor
Content of the box artis 3000U Pro 6C, USB cable, Power cable, User manual book, spare parts package, Driver CD, Ink Chips, Ink tunnels, SCM Cable, Power fuse, RIP Software, Extra back-up Damper
Environmental ranges 20° – 27° C.  Humidity: 40 % – 60 % The machine should be placed in a well-ventilated work area
Power consumption and requirements ~75W, Input voltage (auto ranging) 110V/220V 40 – 60 HZ
Certification CE certified
Artis 3000U Pro 8C